Quick Update on the Last Week…

So my sister had a baby last week! We are in the Houston area and she’s in Birmingham, AL so I didn’t think I would be able to make it to see the baby be born. But on the day she went into labor, at the last minute, we decided I should rent a car and go up to help her since she’s a single mom and didn’t have much help. So that’s what I did, I rented a car and drove 13 hours to Birmingham, about half of which was straight through the rain. Unfortunately, I didn’t get there... Read more

How we are saving money with Bi-Weekly Accelerated Mortgage Payments

The home mortgage is one of the most daunting debts in front of many people.  For those of us following Dave Ramsey – we tackle it in Baby Step 6.  But, there is one way to get a bit of a jump-start on it right from the start: Bi-Weekly Accelerated Mortgage Payments. These are offered by many banks nowadays and as long as you can find a mortgage provider who offers the service for free then you can cut a 30-year mortgage down to 22-25 years. We have been on the plan for almost 2 years through our mortgage provider... Read more

Garage Sale Success +$185

This past weekend we had a garage sale – FINALLY – and it won’t be the last.  We are in the process of purging for a few reasons: We have too much stuff.  It’s everywhere.  And clutter really stresses Hilary out. We need money to pay towards debt so naturally, it’s smart to sell your own stuff. We are thinking about downsizing and maybe even selling our house in the near future so we need to get rid of a lot. We watched the documentary “The Minimalists” and it has us really inspired. The garage sale was a success!   It was... Read more

5 Easy to Use Apps That Will Earn YOU Money

Thank God for technology, amiright? I mean, we have these simple to use, easy to access mini computers that fit into our hands that can accomplish tasks that nobody ever thought possible until about 15 years ago. It’s pretty amazing times we are living in. But to make that even better, there are apps out there that were designed to help you earn money simply and easily. Many of them will even directly deposit the cash right into your PayPal account. Pretty sweet, huh? I’ve compiled a list of 5 of these easy to use apps that I have personally... Read more

How We Jump Started Our Debt Snowball from $0 to $1000+

Hilary and I recently buckled down on our debt snowball and we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel with our debt.  We found $1000 extra per month.  How did we do it? 4 Ways: Temporarily Stopped 401K Contributions –$525 / month This was hard for me, especially giving up my employer match, but when I realized how big of a difference $525 a month can make towards debt snowball and that this would only be short term I was onboard.  One side note here is that my contribution was actually $600 per month but when... Read more

Food and Spending Update 8/7/2017

We just finished our first week on our debt free hustle and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. 😉 I think our food and spending was pretty good, overall. We had a few unexpected expenses, which by now you think I’d know they should be considered “expected” because they happen so frequently, BUT we weren’t planning on them…. It may sound trivial, but our Vitamix blender container cracked when someone dropped it this week. Ugh! I use my Vitamix all the time, sometimes daily, so it’s pretty much a necessity around here. I ordered... Read more

Where to Make Cuts in a Budget

If you’re like many people, you may be in debt but just not quite sure where to cut from in your budget so that you’ll have money to throw towards debt. We were like that for many years. Even though my husband made a good income, we always felt like we were living paycheck to paycheck. We really desired to pay back this 6 figures in debt that we had, but we just didn’t know where to start!We knew we always spent way too much money on food or other frivolous expenses. Hey, we have 4 kids and that can get expensive,... Read more

August Goals

We thought it might be helpful for us to make monthly goals, not only financially, but just in our every day life, as well. We are going to try to purge most of the “stuff” in our house over the next several months. A yard sale is in the works to get that started either this weekend or next weekend to kick that purge off. Minimalism, here we come! July has been a busy month for us. We’ve both been working hard on our side hustles to get them started. We’re hoping to pull at least $1000 a month from... Read more

August 2017 Budget

This is our first budget post! Woohoo! Ok, so if you read my last blog about our past spending habits, you’ll know how big of a deal this is for us… Especially me, Hilary. In the past (yes, the PAST because this is NOT happening again), we spent way too much money on food, eating out, frivolous spending, or what have you. My husband would just tell me when to cut it out and I would. Well, sometimes I would…. Our problem was that we were just never on the same page. We’d fight about finances, we would both get... Read more