Our Debts

Image result for debtThis is the page where we air our dirty laundry.

The Debt.

We will try to update these numbers at least monthly so that you can see our progress.

Last Update: 10/7/17

Many of the charts below are snapshots from Undebt.It – an awesome website that we highly recommend for getting a handle on your debt payoff plan.

Our Goal

  • Payoff the Debt of $125K in 2 years or less (by August 2019)
    • Student Loans – $98K
    • Car – $12K
    • Other – $15.5K

How We Plan to Achieve the Goal

  • Monthly Minimum Payments of roughly $1800
  • Monthly Snowball of about $1500 from budget cuts
  • Monthly Side Job Hustle to bring in $1000 per month
  • Annual Bonuses and Stock Disbursements from Thomas’ job

Note: The Following Undebt.IT charts only show the $1500 snowball amount.