About Us

Hello, Everyone!  Welcome to our family’s debt payoff and lifestyle blog!

We are Thomas and Hilary + Four kids + A dog named Jack.

We’ve been married for 10 years and currently live in the suburbs of Houston, TX.

Our story may sound familiar. Thomas graduated with a lot (A LOT) of student loan debt in the range of $130K.   Thankfully, it was in Industrial Engineering, a field that has great employment and income prospects so we knew that we could pay them off… eventually.

Back in 2012, we took a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University (FPU) course and it really made an impact on us.  But at the time it was all so very overwhelming because Thomas was not making much money and the debt amount just seemed insurmountable.  We made some progress and even at some points were really intense but really didn’t make all that big of a dent in the debt over the past 7 years.  Our minds were just not in it fully.

Time to Kick Things into High Gear || Time to Hustle!

Finances are the leading cause of stress in a relationship.  We’ve had our share of stress, and in our past anytime money came up it wasn’t a good conversation.  Finally, in recent months we have gotten on the same page about an intense desire to pay off all of our debts as quickly as possible.  Debt is our common enemy and we are poised and determined to knock it out.  August 2017 marks our official “kickstart” to pay off our debt (everything but the house) in 24 months or less.  We hope you will stick around and follow us on our journey and encourage us along the way.

Fun Facts

  • Thomas & Hilary met @ Auburn University and were married while still in school
  • Hilary studied Nursing
  • Thomas studied Industrial Engineering & Supply Chain Management
  • We’ve lived in 5 different places during our marriage!
    • Alabama > Mississippi > California > New York > Texas
  • We have 4 kids [2 girls ages 8 & 6 / 2 boys ages 4 & 2]
  • Thomas has completed 2 half marathons, which by his definition means he has run a marathon.  Please disregard the fact that this was over 5 years ago.  Running doesn’t happen as much as he would like it too.
  • Hilary is kinda crunchy, kinda not – passionate about lots of things and pretty darn amazing woman (Thomas wrote this ;)).
  • We are devoted Christians and seek to bring Glory to Christ in all that we do.