2017 Debt Payoff Review – $25K in 5 months and $50K for the year!

I’m really excited and proud of how we did in our first 5 months back on plan and for the full year 2017.

In March, we took my tax return and bonus and paid off a big chunk of credit cards, about $9K worth.

Then, in August, we decided that enough was enough and restarted our debt payoff journey.  We paid off $25K in just 5 months!   Almost half of this came from our side hustle!

We finally broke below $100K and have only $99K left in debt (not including Mortgage).

We have an ambitious goal to knock this out in 2018 and finally be DONE with Baby Step 2.

  • $5K per month x 12 = $60K
  • Bonus, Tax Return, and Side Hustle Growth – $30K
  • Cash out shares of stock – $10K

How did your 2017 go and what are your goals for 2018?  Leave a comment!



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