The Home Warranty paid for itself this year

I’m a semi-sceptic about Home Warranties.  I’ve heard a lot of good things and a lot of bad.  We have one that came with our house and in the first year (2016) I had NO clue what the contract said and accidentally paid out about $700 out of pocket for plumbing and A/C issues that would have been covered with the home warranty if I had used it properly and gone through them.

I decided to renew the warranty for 2017 and we didn’t use the thing even once.  About $600 paid for the year and didn’t get anything out of it.  I almost cancelled last month when the contract was expiring, but I procrastinated and forgot so it renewed.

Well, last week our washing machine finally died.  We called the warranty company and had them come look at it (we have the package that covers appliances).  The repairman said it wasn’t worth repairing and the home warranty company actually approved a full replacement!  They are covering up to $520 for a replacement (after $70 service fee).

So, the warranty has very nearly paid for itself for the next year.  I’m still going to hold onto it because we have A/C units that are 18 years old+ and we live in Houston, Texas.  Eventually, those things will die and a warranty SHOULD replace them…

I splurged a little and got my wife the $700 model, cash flowing the extra $200 out of pocket.

It’s so fancy!

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