September 2017 Debt Payoff!

Woohoo!  September was another great month for us on debt payoff!

We paid over $5500 towards debt which resulted in about $4800 paid off considering interest.

Our snowball is officially picking up momentum and our “Dave Jobs” of e-commerce is starting to look promising.  We pulled out $2200 from our business profit to put towards debt this past month!

The Debt Payoff Table below shows our progress.  You can see our debts ordered smallest to largest just like Dave Ramsey says to do.  We’ve paid off our first 3 debts and are plowing through the next student loan.

So far, two months since our “restart” we have paid down $10,438 in debt.



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2 Replies to “September 2017 Debt Payoff!

  1. Wow! That is incredible! Good job for sticking with it! I couldn’t imagine how discouraged I’d be seeing such large numbers. This proves though that even 100’s. That don’t seem to make a “dent” do when there are a lot of them 🙂

    1. Thanks! It’s been a busy month and we just now saw your comment. Appreciate your encouraging words:) October was also good month…will be posting those results soon.

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