August Goals REVIEW!

Here it is September 6 and I don’t have an August Goals Review post until now… Oops! The past month has been a real doozy, for sure. First, in the middle of the month, I made a last minute decision to go to Birmingham, AL to attend my sister’s birth of my niece. That was definitely an unbudgeted expense but it all turned out all right in the end. Just a few days after I returned, Hurricane Harvey (ya might have heard of him?) decided to come and sit on our city of Houston, TX for a few days, bringing massive flooding with him. Thank God, we didn’t sustain any damage or flooding to our house but many of our friends did and the anxiety of the storm really threw some expenses our way. We lost power for a night and we had to make a couple Walmart runs but overall, again, not as bad as it could have been. Plus, we’ve tried to sacrifice in terms of our giving the past week or so in order to help those devastated by the flooding. It really is horrible here. Please continue to pray for Texas, we are going to need it for a long time.

August Goals

  • Stick to the budget for the whole month without pulling from savings. FAIL — We definitely had a few unexpected expenses. We did, however, receive a bit of a refund from my daughter’s school so we were able to use that towards the traveling and the hurricane stuff.
  • Put $4000 TOTAL towards debt this month. That’s a huge amount but possible if we stick to our guns! PASS!!! — We not only met this goal but FAR SURPASSED it, being able to put *$5800* towards debt this month! My husband, Thomas, explains how we did it here….
  • My personal goal is to stay under $100 for eating out.  FAIL — Ok, so we didn’t do so hot in this area, BUT we did spend a LOT LESS eating out than we had been in the past, so I actually consider it a win, personally! I think, not including eating out when I was out of town, we only spent about $260 eating out.
  • Have a yard sale and make at least $200. PASS!!! — Well.. Kind of. We did have a yard sale but we only made about $185 on it. We were planning on having another yard sale, but, well… Harvey hit, and we’ll probably end up donating a bunch of that stuff. I did, however, sell a couple hundred dollars worth of extra junk sitting around the house on Facebook Marketplace!
  • Go through all of my clothes and get rid of at least half of them. EHHH — I did go through and get rid of a LOT of my clothes in our quest to become “minimalish” but nowhere near half of my clothes were disposed of. Oh well, maybe this month!
  • Get our plumbing and kitchen ceiling fixed. FAIL — Pfft, yeah right. I’m just glad we didn’t flood!
  • Get our oldest ready for school!  PASS — Well, she was ready for school! She had a great first and second day…. then Harvey hit and she hasn’t been back since. So she’s had about 2 weeks of a summer extension because her school actually had a bit of flooding. Hopefully she will start back to 3rd grade on Monday!
  • Get ready for homeschool! PASS — We did get *ready* for homeschool, buuuut we haven’t actually started yet. I’m homeschooling my 6 year old (1st grade) and perhaps my 4 year old (pre-K). I have all the curriculum organized and all that but we haven’t officially started because of Harvey and having my niece with us.
  • Work on getting at least 7 hours of sleep every night. FAIL — Yeah, right.
  • Go to the pool once a week because summer is almost over! FAIL — Harvey flooded our YMCA, sooo…. :/

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how August went for us, at least financially. We spent a LOT less than we had been, we’ve been using Every Dollar app pretty much religiously, and we’ve even had a good bit of money set aside to give to those who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey. I would say it was a pretty good month. On to September!

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