Quick Update on the Last Week…

So my sister had a baby last week! We are in the Houston area and she’s in Birmingham, AL so I didn’t think I would be able to make it to see the baby be born. But on the day she went into labor, at the last minute, we decided I should rent a car and go up to help her since she’s a single mom and didn’t have much help. So that’s what I did, I rented a car and drove 13 hours to Birmingham, about half of which was straight through the rain. Unfortunately, I didn’t get there until about 5 hours after she was born but I did stay about 5 nights to help my sister while she was in the hospital and a few days after her. I forgot how exhausting newborns can be! It kind of solidified in my mind that I am DONE having more babies! 😉

But now I am home and brought my little 4 year old niece with me! She’ll be staying for about a month until my sister adjusts to having a new baby and all of that new postpartum “stuff” subsides. She is just precious and my 4 kids are just loving having their cousin here, whom they haven’t seen since she was a few months old.

And now we are dealing with another issue… Hurricane Harvey! Right now the rain hasn’t been too bad where we are, but they are saying we are going to get a lot of rain and flooding over the next week. We’re probably going to be stuck inside all week but we are praying that the flooding stays away and that our house doesn’t get any damage.

In other news….

My Amazon Merch account tiered up from 100 to 500! Woohoo! That means that now I can have up to 500 t-shirt designs live on Amazon at one time. This month I made about $250 in royalties from my t-shirt sales which may seem a little low, but that was because I drastically lowered a lot of my prices just so I could increase sales so that I could tier up to 500. And it worked! Sooo, now, we get to work on getting ready for Q4! We are hoping to hit it out of the park!

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