Food and Spending Update 8/7/2017

We just finished our first week on our debt free hustle and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. 😉 I think our food and spending was pretty good, overall.

We had a few unexpected expenses, which by now you think I’d know they should be considered “expected” because they happen so frequently, BUT we weren’t planning on them….

  • It may sound trivial, but our Vitamix blender container cracked when someone dropped it this week. Ugh! I use my Vitamix all the time, sometimes daily, so it’s pretty much a necessity around here. I ordered one on eBay for $70 (ouch!) and that should be here in a few days.
  • Our dog, Jack, had been overrun with fleas so we had to get a really pricey pill to help him get rid of them. Thankfully it worked, but that was $20.
  • As for our food spending, I think it went pretty well. On Saturday I spent $150 on groceries, which was still a little higher than I wanted to spend, so that’s definitely something I have to work on. We did eat pizza twice this week (oops, haha, but it was $10 Little Caesar’s pizza so that’s not too bad) and Thomas bought a couple sodas and coffees from the places he “works” at (mostly McDonald’s and Starbucks…. he works there for the free wifi), but that’s it. Two of the meals I made were large enough to have leftovers so that helped me out a lot. I like to cook somewhat, but I hate the clean up. Plus for me, cooking time can be a bit stressful because that seems to be the time when my 2 year old won’t stop hanging off of me and whining. Hopefully he outgrows that phase soon. 🙂
  • I took the kids to Jump On In (one of those inflatable jump houses) one day this week with some friends. I had a Groupon that I used for that so it had already been paid for. Yay for cheap kid entertainment!

It’s not related to spending, but on Saturday we did start the Great Purge on our house. We are thinking of putting it on the market soon, but even if we end up not going that route, we still want to get rid of most of our “stuff.” I’m sure I’m not alone in this, but really, how do we accumulate so much STUFF? It’s just crazy to me. I don’t even know how most of it got here! So far we’ve purged a bit of our clothes (though I still need to go through my closet, it’s a mess) and I’ve gotten rid of some of our kid’s books and organized the rest on bookshelves. Hello, my name is Hilary, and I am a Goodwill Books Section addict! 🙂 As a homeschooler, I’m always on the look out for good books for my kids home library. I might need an intervention because we have waaaaay too many books… But I tell myself it’s cheaper to buy them for .99 than it is to check them out of the library and pay library fines! Because I have paid a lot of fines and that gets old….

I read an article a few weeks ago that said that people who have too much stuff and/or cluttered homes are more likely to suffer with anxiety and depression. When I read that I thought, wow, that makes so much sense to me. I do suffer with anxiety and depression and as a stay at home mother who has to be around the clutter all the time, I do feel it just wears me down and causes me to be anxious. I don’t like feeling that way! So it’s time for a change. Goodbye stuff!

I was also able to sell a few things on Facebook Marketplace this past weekend for a total of $50.

Overall, I think we’re off to a good start!

How was your spending last week?

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