2018 Financial Goals – Pay off $99K….say WHAT?

February is here!  Time sure does fly by a lot faster these days.  I wanted to drop in on the blog and share our financial goal for 2018. What is our goal?  Simple…get out of debt and finish baby step 2 in 2018.  This is a bit of a stretch goal, and you may think we are crazy…because we need to pay off $99,766 in 2018.  We are hoping to build on 2017 which was a big year for us as well, we paid off $50K and finally broke below $100K. As of Jan 1 here was our Debt Balance:... Read more

2017 Debt Payoff Review – $25K in 5 months and $50K for the year!

I’m really excited and proud of how we did in our first 5 months back on plan and for the full year 2017. In March, we took my tax return and bonus and paid off a big chunk of credit cards, about $9K worth. Then, in August, we decided that enough was enough and restarted our debt payoff journey.  We paid off $25K in just 5 months!   Almost half of this came from our side hustle! We finally broke below $100K and have only $99K left in debt (not including Mortgage). We have an ambitious goal to knock this out... Read more

$20K in 4 months! December Debt Payoff Update

The last four months have exceeded our expectations.  We did much better than expected on Debt Payoff knocking out $20K in 4 months from August through November and we are on track to hit $25K by end of December.  We will break below $100K after December! This is averaging about $5000 per month with the following breakdown: $1800 minimum payments $1200 snowball from budget $2000 income/profit from Side Hustle Business (Amazon + Merch by Amazon) What hasn’t gone so well?  Our budget… While we have been using EveryDollar and planning and tracking, we haven’t stuck to the budget once.  Specifically around... Read more

The One Tool Every Father Of Small Children Needs

When you are having kids and going through the process of registering for items you need and hoping to receive at your baby shower, don’t forget the most important tool that every Father of a toddler needs. A bulb head 6-foot closet auger (A.K.A. toilet snake).   This thing will pay for itself the first time you use it.  The average plumber bill to clear a clogged toilet is about $50-75.  You can pick one of these up for that price at Lowes. I’ve probably paid plumbers about $500 over the years to come and clear my toilets after my toddlers... Read more

The Home Warranty paid for itself this year

I’m a semi-sceptic about Home Warranties.  I’ve heard a lot of good things and a lot of bad.  We have one that came with our house and in the first year (2016) I had NO clue what the contract said and accidentally paid out about $700 out of pocket for plumbing and A/C issues that would have been covered with the home warranty if I had used it properly and gone through them. I decided to renew the warranty for 2017 and we didn’t use the thing even once.  About $600 paid for the year and didn’t get anything out of... Read more

September 2017 Debt Payoff!

Woohoo!  September was another great month for us on debt payoff! We paid over $5500 towards debt which resulted in about $4800 paid off considering interest. Our snowball is officially picking up momentum and our “Dave Jobs” of e-commerce is starting to look promising.  We pulled out $2200 from our business profit to put towards debt this past month! The Debt Payoff Table below shows our progress.  You can see our debts ordered smallest to largest just like Dave Ramsey says to do.  We’ve paid off our first 3 debts and are plowing through the next student loan. So far, two... Read more

Book Hustle…what does it look like to make money selling books on Amazon?

The other night I put another shipment of books together for Amazon.  I thought I might share some details about this part of our “side hustle”.  We started selling books on Amazon in December 2016.  Books are probably the easiest way to get started on Amazon. The concept is simple – go out and search for books anywhere used books are sold or found.  Thrift stores, used book stores, estate sales, library book sales, garage sales, etc.  Then, you flip them and sell them on Amazon. My goal is to find books that I can buy for $3 or less... Read more

5 Things I learned from Hurricane Harvey

Hi, Everyone!  Many of you may know that we live in Houston.  It’s been crazy in this neck of the woods over the past few weeks ever since Hurricane Harvey.  We were blessed and fortunate to be in a dry spot on high ground and didn’t get any flooding during the storm at our home.  Neighborhoods only a few blocks away didn’t fare so well though and we know several people who were flooded. Thomas spent some time with our church over the Labor day weekend helping to “mud-out” some homes.  A “mud-out” involves emptying out the home of all furniture,... Read more

August 2017 DEBT PAYOFF!

[Edited on 9/14 – we had the wrong chart image loaded – fixed it so now you can see what we did in the month of August more clearly]. We are really excited.  Our first month “back on plan” was a success for debt payoff.  We paid over $6100 towards debt which resulted in a balance reduction of almost $5800 factoring in interest paid. We had a little extra infusion of cash in the month which allowed us to completely pay off a credit card balance of $2086 and then with our debt snowball we attacked our smallest student loan... Read more